What we offer

Clinical Blood

Our comprehensive offering allows the provider to assess the patient and characterize the presence of chronic lipid disorders, progressive inflammation, or advancing insulin resistance. This actionable content will drive therapeutic decisions to reduce the major drivers of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hormonal disorders, cancer, and other chronic conditions.


One in Four Americans suffer from some form of Chronic Pain. Prescribed Opioids are an integral part of a comprehensive pain management plan to help relieve pain, restore function and improve quality of life. Prescription drug monitoring is important to protect the patient, prescriber and follow the standards of care. Our scientists are easily available by phone or email for technical questions.

Infectious Disease

ConnectDx offers real-time polymerase chain reaction testing for respiratory, gastrointestinal, UTI, wound, nail/paronychia and women’s health infections. Each of these individual panels cover approximately 95% of the pathogens that cause these type of infections. You can expect precise accuracy in the detection of pathogens along with identification of potential antibiotic resistance/sensitivity. Rapid turn round time allows for more rapid care, reducing unnecessary admissions, overutilization of broad-spectrum anti-biotics and potential complications.